May, HUMANITAS FESTIVAL – This cultural gathering of races, customs and folklore promotes the diverse human relationships characterized by an invited region, state and country through diverse cultural activities such as dance, music, theater, art exhibitions, cinema, book presentations, conferences, and exhibitions of gastronomy, handicrafts and textiles.

July, THE GUELAGUETZA –The Fiestas de los Lunes del Cerro (Parties of Mondays on the Hill) are the most important Oaxacan parties, in which different delegations of the 7 regions of the state present their regional dances framed in magic, music and color.

October, THE EDUARDO MATA FESTIVAL – This is characterized by classical music concerts on various stages where the public can enjoy the music of the great masters; Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bizet, among others.

November, THE FIESTAS DE MUERTOS (Day of the Dead parties) – In Oaxaca, this date is very important and is driven by profound psychosocial and cultural structures that come from ancestral times. In the city, the visitor can enjoy the Comparsas (carnival parades), the altar exhibitions as well as visit the cemeteries and mingle with the participants.


- THE FIESTA DE LA VIRGEN DE LA SOLEDAD (Party of the Virgin of Solitude) – On the 18th of December, the Virgin receives thousands of pilgrims to her basilica. Devotees flock from different parts of the state to take part in the party of the patron saint of Oaxaca. Calendas (religious street parades), convites (bands of dancers), novenarios (Novena masses), Mañanitas Oaxaquenas (a serenade usually performed for birthdays) and fireworks all accompany this celebration.

- THE NOCHE DE REBANOS (Radish Night) – This is a popular party in which horticulturists and floriculturists exhibit their special designs created with giant radishes, the flor inmortal (immortal flower) and totomoxtle (corn husks). The event is held in the Zocalo (central square), and local inhabitants and tourists come together with the purpose of admiring the creativity of the participants in this annual competition held on the night of the 23rd of December.

- THE CALENDAS (Religious Street Parades) – On the night of the 24th of December, each church in the city organizes a calenda that accompanies the baby Jesus on a trip around the center. The madrinas (parade benefactors) lead the parade, proudly displaying their floats accompanied by fireworks, decorative perforated paper lanterns and diverse motifs that move to the lively rhythm of a musical band. The round of the city begins at 8 or 9 pm, making a loop of the Zocalo and heading to the madrina’s house. Around 11 pm, all the calendas meet up in the old Plaza de Armas (military parade ground) or Zocalo giving the show on offer an aspect of indescribable originality and animation.

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