Tea time (5pm-7pm)

It is an invitation to our guests for Gentiles to make a pleasant break to your day, enjoying a special evening and sipping aromatic tea. The tea ceremony can be performed in your room, in our beautiful courtyard or on the terrace of the Hotel.

Oaxacan Kitchen Workshop

The Oaxacan cooking workshop is a unique experience where the different flavors, aromas, colors and textures of traditional ingredients used allow us a real pleasure to the senses causing the participants to discover a world of inspiration and delight in creating Oaxacan cuisine. The first step is to make a guided visit to the market in order to introduce participants to the traditional ingredients used in cooking practices.

Cost of workshop $ 700.00 MXP per person (maximum 4 persons)*
* Includes guided tour and ingredients of traditional market, apron, recipe book, diploma and tasting foods and beverages prepared in the session.

Gym within walking distance of Hotel

Opposite the hotel have a gym with excellent facilities and modern equipment to exercise. We offer quality services for guests staying with us by paying a preferential rate.

Massage and Aromatherapy

Borghese Palace offers an extensive menu of different types of massage therapists who work with us. Massage and aromatherapy using oils, essences and creams make the experience more pleasant addition to physical discomfort, muscle pain, soften the skin and release mental tension caused by stress. A good massage helps you relax, improve the lymphatic system, circulation and removing toxins. Given the above, please ask when booking and be pampered.

Wedding and Event Organization

The wedding is characterized as the most memorable day in the life of any woman, so we can help you organize this great event, because we know how important this is for you wedding celebration. Borghese Palace Oaxaca supports it with the following activities:

* Provide the necessary courses to meet churches and thus select one for this special day.

* Provide tours to learn about the various places to hold events.

* Development and coordination of all logistics.

* Organization of the Pre-wedding or cocktail reception for guests.

* Coordination of lodging, accommodation booking and supervision of their hosts and guests.

* Recruitment, coordination and supervision of the space selected for the event, including waiters, hostesses, receptionists, security guards, etc..

* Hiring and supervision of the decoration of site chosen for your event.

* Procurement of furniture, crockery, plaque, glassware, bar service, purchase and control of wines and spirits.

* Hiring and supervision of the banquet menu, for that we rely on your personal tastes and identifying details that are important to the couple. Includes tasting test and final tasting of the dishes.

* Recruitment and coordination of additional activities such as tale, calends, tours to guests, etc..

* Recruitment and coordination of groups that require animation and music.

* Recruitment and coordination of photography and video services, etc..

Wine Tasting

Rooms service (8am to 10pm)

Tours (guided tours)

Travel agency facilities

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